Special Needs Trust

A Supplemental Needs Trust for Special Care

Many families may be caring for a loved one who qualifies for public assistance because of a physical or mental challenge. This assistance may be critical in helping to cover their medical and related care expenses.

But what happens to the income they are receiving if you also want to set aside money and property for that person’s benefit?

How you plan to share financial assets is really important. This is because most government programs that provide aid to disabled individuals have strict requirements about how much money and property a person can own.  And how much money they can receive on a regular basis.

You certainly do not want to inadvertently disqualify your special needs child or grandchild from continuing to receive their government benefits.

Fortunately, it is possible to structure what they receive from you so that their benefits are not impacted. We help our clients to prepare a standalone trust or a supplemental trust. You may also hear the term a “special trust” but our experience has taught us that you do not want to trigger any unneeded inquiries from either the Social Security Administration, MediCal/MediCare or other income-based programs.

What you do want to do is help your loved one by supplementing their government assistance with financial assets you want to give to them. We’re here to help you with a smart way to do this.