Health Directives

Investment in your future

There are a lot of things we all do to prepare for the future, whether it is saving for a home or our retirement, taking care of our health, and learning new skills. Each is an investment in our future, and they can bring wonderful peace of mind.

Here at Burris Law, we are often asked what someone should do today to plan for tomorrow – especially as we all live through the challenges of keeping our families healthy during a pandemic. We would like to share three really important things you can do to be prepared for whatever the future will bring, recognizing that we will all need help at some point with key health care and financial decisions.

The best part about taking care of these preparations now is that doing so can bring peace of mind not only to yourself but also to your friends and loved ones who will want to know that they are fulfilling your wishes.

Let us introduce you to the value of an Advance Healthcare Directive, also referred to as a Medical Power of Attorney, a Living Will and a Financial Durable Power of Attorney. And if you are taking care of someone with special needs, we would also like you to be aware of the benefits of a Supplemental Needs Trust.

Of course, we are always here to answer your questions and suggest what is most appropriate to your own individual circumstances.

Plan Ahead with a Health Directive

If ever you are unable to make medical decisions on your own behalf, an Advance Healthcare Directive is a very important tool to already have in place. Also known as a Medical Power of Attorney, it is simply a legal document that lets you determine who can make medical decisions about your care. You can even identify your specific wishes regarding the medical care itself. Without a Health Directive, your care can possibly be delayed and your wishes not taken into consideration. Give yourself the peace of mind now that a trusted loved one or friend will act on your behalf.

The same opportunity to plan ahead also applies to end of life medical care.

An Advance Healthcare Directive or a Living Will can communicate your instructions to caregivers. There is no need to burden your loved ones with having to guess your wishes at a time of great stress and concern to them. Having your planning already in place guides them to carry out what you want providing them with the comfort and peace of mind.

Planning for medical decision making provides a comprehensive documentation of your health care wishes when you are unable to make these decisions for yourself. And these documents can be prepared well in advance and updated as your circumstances change too.

Having your documents already in place well ahead of when you may need them is really a gift to your loved ones and to yourself. We’re here to help you make this happen.