Real Estate Law

Your Property is One of Your Biggest Assets

Whether you are buying, selling, leasing, renting, developing, redeveloping, expanding or even demolishing real property in California, we are here to meet your legal needs as your expert real estate legal partner.

We’ve helped owners, renters, landlords, investors, HOA members and boards with an in-depth knowledge of the complexities and nuances of California real estate law with a commitment to being our client’s legal advocate.

Our approach to real estate begins with the perspective that our clients are not just signing a contract, but that they are entering into a new business relationship – one with a complex and detailed set of terms that governs one of their biggest investments. There is simply too much at stake to enter into any form of real estate transaction without a thorough understanding of your responsibilities, obligations, and commitments.

By understanding that real estate is not just about the property but the interactions of multiple parties each with their own interests, we strive to architect the best solution for our clients working with all the stakeholders involved.

We want to avoid the financial and emotional grind of litigation and encourage early alternative dispute resolution or mediation. But when litigation cannot be avoided, rest assured that our experienced litigators will leverage the adversarial process to our clients’ best advantage.

Welcome to Burris Law. Relationships. Solutions. Results.