Real Estate Law

Your Property is One of Your Biggest Assets

Solving legal problems and challenges inherent to successful real estate transactions is one of Burris Law’s core strengths. Buying, selling, leasing, renting, developing, redeveloping, expanding and even demolishing real property in California requires diligence, accuracy, honesty and an experienced real estate attorney—a strong, willing legal advocate who always going to hold your best interests at heart.

Real estate law is complex, fluid (morphing from state to state, county to county, city to city), demanding and detailed. Even an apparently straightforward commercial lease could be wrought with enough egregious tenant responsibilities and commitments to drown the unaware.

“I was almost stuck with a $35,000 ADA improvement the landlord snuck into my lease (as a result of a previous citation to the owner, ed.). Jason Burris literally saved my business $35,000 by actually reading the lease and explaining in plain English all the legal mumbo jumbo and financial traps.”
–Bernie G., Los Alamitos

We put a lot emphasis on working with all the stakeholders in any transaction, to avoid the financial and emotional grind of litigation by encouraging parties to participate in early alternative dispute resolution or mediation. When dispute resolution does not work, we are experienced litigators who will leverage the adversarial process to our clients’ best advantage.

“Someone else’s tax liens ($50K worth) showed up on a title search when I went to sell my house. Mr. Burris took the case even though he knew it would be problematic. Without judgment and with complete professionalism, Jason spent more time listening to me than any other attorney I’ve ever used and kept me completely in the loop with personal emails, calls and texts. The title issue was resolved quickly and painlessly. Thank you, Jason, for all your help, especially with the Feds.”
–Rebecca G., Alhambra.