Raissa Schurawel

HR & Operations Manager

Irvine native Raissa Schurawel had an itch. She says it started late in high school and really amped up through completion of her studies at San Marcos State University. Once out in the business world, Raissa discovered the source of her itch, “It was a deep need to see and help a business grow and I found a home for my organizational and communications skills in human resources.”

Initiated, vetted, trained, and experienced—already an accomplished HR professional—Raissa jumped at the chance to work with old family friends, Jason and Ariana at Burris Law. She manages day-to-day operations, corporate relations, and human resources. “My focus is spearheading the firm’s growth, both externally and internally,” she explains.

“The opportunity to actually define, execute, and grow this law practice into a valuable and sustainable business,” she says, “as well as a community asset was just too juicy to pass up. And who could resist working with the greatest people on the planet?”