Jason Burris, JD


There are many apt descriptions for real estate and business attorney Jason Burris, the firm’s other namesake and principal at Burris Law, LLC. But the word that’s frequently repeated among his friends, clients, associates when the topic is Jason: tenacious.

Whether he’s in a courtroom, boardroom, living room or in the office, Jason’s focus always remains on the client. As with many young attorneys, he spent his early years grinding out residential and commercial real estate settlements and transactions; business contracts and business litigation; LLC, partnership, corporate and individual entity formation and support; and a myriad of other related business legal issues with some of the best Orange County real estate and business law firms.

A quick study, he realized he could apply all the leverage the law allows, research all the applicable case law and prepare a sound, defensible legal strategy, but the REAL victories were celebrated in the soul, where his personal passion for fairness, balance and integrity easily meshed with his drive to serve his clients’ business and personal goals and objectives.

“A very methodical approach to his research and discovery work. And he actively listens, a very rare quality among attorneys. He was very easy to work with. These traits afford him the unique ability to convince opposing parties, as opposed to coerce, to get results.” —Richard S., Orange County

Jason’s innate ability to manage the smallest legal and business details within the context of the much bigger business picture brings huge advantages. By avoiding costly missteps and potential legal swamps (all the while with an eye on profits and revenue), Jason’s clients prosper.

Jason is still active with his Chapman University undergraduate and law school Alumni Associations (where he graduated with honors) and now serves as the Alumni Association Chairman of the Board of Directors; a hands-on volunteer Elder with his church; and a loving father and husband. Jason is also a prolific legal and business writer, successfully publishing articles throughout his academic and professional life.

His long list of achievements, satisfied clients and community participation culminated in being named one of the Three Best Real Estate Attorneys in Orange County (https://threebestrated.com/real-estate-lawyers-in-orange-ca)

Jason has joined the elite group of SuperLawyers Rising Stars, representing the top 2.5% of attorneys under 40 who have been in practice for 10 years or less.

Jason has many stellar reviews on Avvo.com, a trusted website that matches top-rated lawyers with clients like you.