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Dedication. Compassion. The Will to Win.

The professionals who make up Burris Law share many qualities, outlooks and goals, but a driving will to win fuels our fire. Their definition of winning? Helping clients achieve their personal and business objectives—often well beyond expectations. We always begin with the end in mind. A successful legal outcome begins with acutely understanding and getting our heads and hearts wrapped around your legal needs, challenges, and objectives—filtering these through a finely tuned, experienced legal perspective. Complexity of the law and fear of missteps can feel like insurmountable barriers to realizing your goals. Burris Law stands as your partner, committed to working with you—prepared to move forward only after YOU understand the full depth and width of your legal options and subsequent choices.

Ariana Burris, JD


Principal attorney and one of the firm’s namesakes, Ariana Burris leads the Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning Department for the firm… learn more

Jason Burris, JD


There are many accurate and apt descriptions for real estate and business attorney Jason Burris, the firm’s other namesake and principal… learn more

Raissa Schurawel

HR & Operations Manager

Irvine native Raissa Schurawel had an itch. She says it started late in high school and really amped up through completion… learn more

Burris Law… Established 2015

The Will to Win

After years of crafting their individual practice skills, honing their legal and professional instincts and sharpening their communication skills—all while contributing mightily in both wins and revenue in their respective firms (two of Orange County’s most successful and prosperous legal groups)—Jason and Ariana Burris founded Burris Law.

Even in advance of their first client, the Burris’ carefully laid out the foundational elements that had served them so well through college, law school and eventually as professionals. The entire Burris Law team embodies:

  • Integrity: first in their personal lives and always as legal advocates
  • Client First: committed to the best interests of the client
  • Best Practices: the moral foundation to maintain our obligations as attorneys and officers of the court
  • Authenticity: we practice law with a deep, deep commitment to honesty and appreciate clients with the same sense of a morality

Expertise, Experience, High Energy & High Expectations

The Burris’ are firm in their resolve to offer specialized and highly personalized legal services including (but not limited to):

  •       Residential and commercial real estate transactions and litigation;
  •       Business formation, litigation, investor and shareholder support and corporate general counsel;
  •       Wills, trusts, estate planning and probate;
  •       Legal support for Financial Planners, Advisors and Investors

“Top notch people here. Kind, patient, and incredibly intelligent. Meticulous and thorough. Trustworthy and smart. I could go on and on… but if you want professionals who care (and I really mean CARE about you), you found your place.”
–Benjamin W., San Francisco

Legal Success Is a Team Effort, Without Clients We Don’t Have a Game

Clients come in all shapes and sizes, but almost all share two things: a) they have a legal issue, challenge or problem, and b) they almost all believe they can legally prevail with the right lawyer. The next question is?

Are we the right lawyers for you?

We’d love to say a resounding, “YES!” Some attorneys will say yes with only a courtesy 20-minute consultation/sales presentation, painting a rosy future and a fast buck. Others might listen a bit, nod amicably, require a large retainer and then shuffle your case to an associate attorney. Then there are smaller, boutique law firms that offer a first class client experience—at outrageous hourly rates and even more extreme client expectations.

And then there’s Burris Law—small, nimble, passionate, grounded. A highly focused boutique law firm that consistently prevails (over-achieving on both client expectations and the client experience), Burris Law meshes best with these kinds of clients, circumstances and/or commitments:

  • Young Families: committed to a sound financial future by planning now for owning homes (house rich/cash poor), starting and growing businesses, investing for their children’s future wellbeing, assisting aging parents and protecting their families and their assets.
  • Business Owners: who understand how the right attorney can add tremendous value to virtually any and all transactions, no matter how large or small. We’ve become so much more than just another vendor. Share your aspirations, goals, objectives and strategies and, be sure, we can help you get there—wherever “there” is. You won’t get that kind of support from a website or legal HMO.
  • Real Estate Professionals: from single investors, banks and mortgage lenders to residential and commercial real estate brokers and even other attorneys who understand the value an experienced real estate attorney can bring to securing one’s rights and protecting one’s assets.

The Seven Qualities We Value In Our Business Relationships

  1. Our clients see the strengths in others, not the limitations, and you’re proud of the unique abilities everyone brings to the venture.
  2. You inspire us to exceed your expectations because of the trust you’ve evoked in us (and others).
  3. We respect each other for our accomplishments and experience.
  4. You’re authentic; your ego stays at the door.
  5. You live by your rules yet don’t expect anyone else to blindly follow.
  6. You’re at ease with yourself and don’t need to prove anything to us or anyone else.
  7. You’re excellent listeners and sincerely interested in what others bring to the business equation. You’re available for honest and genuine discourse that inspires originality, growth and awareness.

Fun Fact: Jason and his business partner, Ariana met at Chapman University Law School where they both won numerous awards, including two Cali Awards. They have been married 4 years and live in Orange County with their rescued German Shepard, Wheaties.