Business Law & Litigation

General Outside Business Counsel

Ensure your enterprise—small, medium or large—thrives and prospers with the support from experienced business attorneys & strong, experienced litigators at your side. Outside counsel is a cost effective way to manage your business legal needs without the expense and drain of a full-time, in-house attorney and an alternative to both the prohibitive cost of larger legal firms and the glaring loopholes, indefensible language and even the falsehoods of online legal services.

Communicative, attentive, smart, efficient and likable, the Burris’ have established a business law practice based on:

  • superior client relations,
  • the legal needs of the case
  • success in the short term but never at the expense of the long term

You have goals, aspirations, ideas, hopes and dreams for your business and we are here to support you in any and all the ways we can with:

  • business law
  • business litigation
  • transactions & contracts
  • business formation (including but not limited to):
    • incorporation process
    • llc formation
    • c-corp formation
    • s-corp formation
    • private equity placement
    • partnerships
    • articles of incorporation

Jason is dedicated, responsive, listened to my needs with a creative and thoughtful ear and makes a great legal advocate for my business investments.”
Phil C., Orange County